Kharen Daniva Caiyod | XIX | Maldives | Wanderer | Free spirit | Let it be | Find joy in the ordinary


I miss you so much but I don't know what to say

Please stay, just for a little time?

Reminds me of us!

Too hard

Can you tell me..

I will miss our clingy time

Why is it so hard to let go?

I just wanna tell you how much you mean to me

How I love you..

Hold and love

Find someone who put light in your everyday

Have the courage to trust someone for the sake of forever

Waking up next to you

Love you

If you insist how can I resist?

Where can I see you?

My soonest scene

Forever scenario

Top of the mountain

Can't stand of losing you

Hippie love

Dr. Martens ♥

Sweet flower child

Flower child

Dream catcher


Red and braid


Left side supreme.



Donut be so addicting please. :O

Us ♥ ♥ ♥



I once loved the rain

I believe in love. It’s permanence I’m not so certain of.

Can I have this?

Sweet side of me

Whenever wherever


Sunflower necklace

What if he never find out?

Maldives ♥♥

Gold ft. vintage

Vintage is ♥